Surprise Cupcakes

Surprise Cupcakes!
(Photo by Lorinda Fleming)

1 cake mix
frosting of choice
candies for centers
sprinkles, optional

Bake cupcakes as directed on package. Allow to completely cool.

Take a sharp knife and cut top of cupcake off, using liner edge as your guide.

Using a small cookie scoop, remove the inside of each cupcake, being sure to leave enough of cake on bottom and around edge so it won’t fall apart on you. Place cake pieces aside and use for something else at a later time.

Put desired candies into opened center of cupcake.

Pipe frosting around the edge of cupcake top, being sure to not spill into center with candies.

Replace the “lid” of the cupcake back on top of your piped frosting. Slightly press down to seal it. Don’t push too hard or it may cave in on you.

Take more frosting and decorate the top of your surprise cupcakes. Again, don’t push down on the center of them too much as you are spreading it around or it will cave in.

If you are using different candies for the centers and will need to keep track of what is in them, simply decorate the top of the cupcake with what is in the centers.

More Ideas:

* Great for sex reveal parties of a new baby – Fill with pink jelly beans for girls and blue jelly beans for boys.

* Kids parties – Fill with small rings or some sort of safe toy as a prize for each child.

* Fill with fruit filling for something different.

* Have a party where you are giving out prizes? Put something different in one of them. The person whom gets that one cupcake gets a prize. Decorate them all the same so they can’t be figured out, not even by you.

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