Rock Candy

Rock Candy:

4 cups Granulated Sugar
1 cup White Corn Syrup
1 cup Water
Food Coloring
Candy Flavoring
4 – 5 Cookie Sheets
Confectioner’s (powdered) Sugar
Candy Thermometer
Lay out cookie sheets side by side. Spread confectioner’s sugar along bottom of each sheet to about a 1/4″ deep. This is where you’ll pour the molten candy until it hardens Mix sugar, syrup, and water in large pan and boil to 300°F (Hard Crack on candy thermometer), stirring frequently. Take off burner, stir in several drops of food coloring and flavoring Carefully pour boiling mixture onto cookie sheets in string-like patterns. Use large spoon to scrape rest of mixture out of pan. Wait several minutes (time depends on temperature and humidity in kitchen) until candy hardens. Once hardened, crack into bite-sized pieces. Place pieces in extra-large mixing bowl. Repeat Steps 2 & 3 to make each new batch with a different color and flavor.

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