Pepperoni Puffs

Pepperoni puffs with pizza sauce for dunking.

I use 3 of the jr. grands biscuits (10 count each), 30 cubed colby jack cheese, 60 pepperoni slice, egg and cilantro. First I spray the pan with cooking spray then I flatten the biscuit out, put a pepperoni on it, then one cubed colby jack cheese, then a pepperoni, then I fold the biscuit over themĀ and roll them into a ball. After I completed all 30 biscuits, I beat an egg (yolk and all) and brush them onto the biscuit balls, then sprinkle the cilantro on. I baked mine at 400* for 18 minutes (temp and time may very depending on the oven) then we let cool for a bit, then serve with pizza sauce for dipping.
Hint: melted butter and garlic and parmesan brushed on top is great too!

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