Flaming Marshmallow Jello Shots

Carve out the middle of the marshmallow. You can eat the center or discard it!

… Make your Jello using 3 ounces flavored boxed gelatin, 6 ounces water and 6 ounces vodka

Let the Jello cool completely before pouring it into the marshmallow. It should still be liquid, just cooled. I actually used a dropper to put the Jello inside and it worked well to keep the marshmallows clean. Refrigerate until the Jello has set inside the marshmallow.

Then pack ‘em up to then eat plain or you can toast them! Put them on a stick and give a quick toast over your campfire. For a quick effect (or if you don’t have a campfire), dip them in Bacardi 151 and light it on fire.

Just like roasting a marshmallow, make sure you blow out the flame out before you eat it

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