Chores by Age

Toddler (ages 2-3)

Pick up/put away toys

Unload dishwasher (silverware, plastic cups, tupperware)

Dust with feather duster/microfiber rag

Swiffer the floor

Put clothes in the dirty clothes hamper

Collect dirty dishes

Help move clothes from washer to dryer

Put clothes away

Make bed

Wipe cabinets

Wipe baseboards (soapy water)


Preschooler (Ages 4-5)

All previous chores

Load dishwasher

Vacuum couch/chairs/cushions

Take out recycling

Set table

Clear table

Wash dishes (with supervision)

Clean windows

Wipe out bathroom sinks

Match socks

Fold dish towels


Water indoor plants

Feed pets


Early Elementary (Ages 6-8)

All previous chores

Meal prep (wash produce/find ingredients/simple cutting)

Wipe bathroom sinks, counters, toilets

Hang out laundry



Collect garbage

Get mail

Fold laundry

Clean microwave

Rake leaves


Elementary (Ages 9-11)

All previous chores

Make simple meals

Take garbage/recycling to the curb

Wash/dry clothes

Clean toilets

Mop floors


Middle School (Ages 12-14)

All previous chores

Clean tub/shower

Make full meals/meal plan

Clean out fridge/freezer

Mow yard

Supervise younger children’s chores


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