Chocolate Christmas Trees

I’m sure you see how super simple … easy peasy … these are to make. I spent more time unwrapping candies than assembling the trees!
Here are the few items you will need … peanut butter cups (snack & miniature sizes), chocolate kisses, white chocolate (or candy melts) and white non-pariels …
Melt the white chocolate (this will be the “glue” that holds each layer together) and put it in a squeeze bottle or ziptop bag with a tiny cut off corner.
Set up an assembly line …
⦁ Tree trunk – upside down mini PB cup – white chocolate “glue”
⦁ 1st layer – upside down snack size PB cup – drizzle white chocolate around the edges & sprinkle with non-pariels
⦁ 2nd layer – upside down mini PB cup – repeat drizzle & sprinkle
⦁ 3rd layer – chocolate kiss – repeat drizzle & sprinkle
Each tree requires … 2 mini PB cups, 1 snack size PB cup & 1 chocolate kiss

Can you believe how easy that was?

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